HOA Property Managers: Choosing the Right Partner for Your HOA

HOA Property Managers: Choosing the Right Partner for Your HOA

Each year, more Miami neighborhoods decide to start community associations. These associations can improve shared spaces, preserve home values, and help the community to thrive.

However, not all HOAs reach their full potential right away. HOA boards consist of residents, many of whom have other priorities and responsibilities. When the board starts to slip, members often become frustrated that their dues aren't being used as expected.

This is where HOA property managers come into play. Just as your board represents your neighborhood, HOA management represents the full potential of HOA benefits.

How can you find the right partner for your HOA? Read on to find out.

Local HOA Experience

If you've never lived in HOA communities before, you may not realize that both state and local laws impact an HOA's power. Most recently, the Miami-Dade mayor enacted new laws to prevent HOA fraud and corruption. Now, HOAs are required to have more transparency with their community members.

Because HOA laws are always subject to change, it's important that you work with HOA property managers with local experience. Without a working knowledge of relevant legislation, an HOA manager could steer you away from legal compliance.

Customizable Services

HOA property managers can provide professional guidance and expert services in:

  • Accounting, taxation, and reporting
  • Vendor coordination
  • Compliance, maintenance, and inspections
  • Community relations

Many HOAs will opt for full-service management, which includes all of the individual services listed above. However, it's also useful to have the option to customize the services you receive.

For example, some HOAs will want self-managed services that provide support to board members as needed. Others may only need assistance with one aspect, such as maintenance of public utilities or vendor coordination. Customization allows your HOA to focus on areas where improvement is necessary.

Versatile Representation

Miami is a sprawling city with many different types of neighborhoods and communities. We see this diversity reflected in the types of HOAs the city is now home to. When you're hiring HOA management, you want to know that they're experienced with the needs of your community type.

For example, there's a big difference between the needs of a condo HOA and an association of single-family homeowners. In many condo-based communities, everyone depends on shared utilities like plumbing and electricity. In traditional neighborhoods, homeowners are in charge of their personal utilities, but there are ample shared spaces to manage.

HOA property management with a versatile and diverse portfolio is best equipped to improve your HOA.

Call PMI for the Best Miami HOA Property Managers

The success of an HOA depends on who's in charge of it. If your HOA board members are swamped with their personal lives or have limited experience, all hope is not lost. Now is the time to consider hiring HOA property managers.

PMI Sunshine State is here to help. We have years of experience managing rental properties, commercial properties, and HOAs. To learn more about our services and let us know what we can do to help, contact us today.